Walk-Through Consultation

We at DAHL House Inspection LLC have made some changes to our services that we believe will benefit the cost conscious home buyer.

As times change in the real-estate market so does the home buyers needs change. To stay abreast with the market/home buyer, DAHL House Inspection will no longer provide a costly, time consuming full home inspections.

DAHL House Inspection offers a 1 hour “walk through consultation”. With this service the client and a InterNachi inspector walk the home together while the client takes notes. There’s no report, no pictures, no notes offered by the inspector.

Note: The Walk-Through consultation is very limited in scope and should not be considered a home inspection.

Be it a Pre-Sale or a Post-Sale “Walk-Through Consultation” these are the benefits:

  • Having 1 hour with a trusted certified home inspector “InterNachi”.
  • A local 5 star home inspection company “DAHL House Inspection LLC”.
  • The client will gain valuable knowledge for a fraction of the cost of a full home inspection with this service.
  • Saving precious time.
  • A peace of mind before of after sale of home.
  • Combine other services at a reduced prices.

Inspector at DAHL House Inspection is a InterNachi certified home inspector,  with a background in heating and air conditioning “HVAC” and residential electrical systems.

We also provide Radon Inspections by a Minnesota Radon Professional, that can be added to the Walk-Through Consultation for a reduced price.

 Mileage fee, If over 25 miles one-way it is a $50 add-on to the “Walk-Through Consultation”.

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